Planning Without A Groom: Bridesmaid Gifts

Good morning everyone! If you have been following me, I previously mentioned that I will be starting a series called Planning Without a Groom. It will focus on me spilling the tea of my wedding plans while planning without my groom here because he is in the military, therefore, he is away. Today I will touch on ideas to give to your bridal party.

In late July, I had a bridal brunch (well it turned more into lunch because I was late and so were a couple of the bridesmaids). I thought it was the perfect way to start the joinery with the girls who will be by my side through it all. We had a wonderful time, we ate, we laughed, and joked around until it was time for what everyone was waiting for, THE PRESENTS.

I don’t want to toot my own horn (completely tooting away) but by the reactions of my girls, I think I did a great job at picking out gifts. Now there are many presents you can give away. You can customize it, make it, or just buy a box already made to give to your girls. What I did was I bought everything but it was all personalized. Everyone got the same materials, however they were different. Each bag was customized to each bridesmaid. What I bought them was:

  1. Canvas bags with their names on it with a subtitle of Bride Tribe
  2. Personalized shot glasses (their names were on the shot glasses)
  3. Coral Nail polish
  4. Personalized hats that say Mermaid Squad on them (there is a whole story behind this, but that is for another time).
  5. Tumblrs that light up (we will really be lit).
  6. Flip Flops with gold design and gold glitter
  7. Candles

Below is a picture of the gifts for my maid of honor.

 I bought everything on Etsy, besides the nail polish, tumblrs, and candles. The nail polish I got on eBay, it came in a box of 6 and I believe it was around $13 (Essie brand). The Tumblrs I got from walmart for $3 each and the candles, my maid of honor actually bought them and they were $2.99. So there were some affordable gifts there. Considering I have 6 bridesmaid, I paid around $300 for all of this because I am extra for no reason. Plus, I wanted to give out great gifts. You clearly don’t have to spend so much on gifts, some people keep it simple and cute which is great. You won’t end up like me spending a lot of money if you take that route.

Etsy is the greatest place for personalized gifts and they have many, many different materials to purchase for your wedding. I highly recommend Etsy if you want the great quality, I was beyond happy with all my purchases.

I also recommend doing some research on what gifts to get your bridesmaids, there are so many ideas, so many different, creative things you can do. Don’t rush into it and really think about what do you want your gifts to say when you present it to your bridesmaid. I personally wanted to give my girls useful gifts, items I know they will use at some point in their lives whether if its just for fun or not.  The most important thing though, is to have fun with it, enjoy this time, it will get stressful. 

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 Rimmel-Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour 

Good Morning wonderful people! If this is your first time on my blog, welcome! If you have been here before, thank you for coming back to read what’s on my mind this week. For Today’s post, I will be doing a brief review on Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour. 

 Rimmel’s new liquid lip colour is fairly new. While strolling through the make up aisle of Rite Aid about two weeks ago, I saw some newly added items. This was one of the new items added and just so you know, I’m a lipstick junkie. My eyes widened at the new liquid matte colour. I instantly wanted to purchase it but was put off by the price of $5.59. I know this sounds weird but compared to all the other lipsticks  displayed, it was one of the cheapest! So I was a bit skeptical, thinking that it may not be good because it is cheap. However, I ended up purchasing two colors the next day. I had nothing to lose really so I went for it. 

Now before my review, I want everyone to know that I am not a beauty guru. I still like to think I am a beginner with make up but have mastered the art of my eyebrows. My usual look consists of mascara, on point eyebrows, and lipstick/color lip gloss. When I’m feeling fancy, I’ll go the extra mile of putting on foundation, but that’s as far as I go. I do not know how to contour or highlight and I am not into blush and bronzer. I guess you can say I’m simple but I am willing to learn more. I would love to learn more. 

The two colors I purchased are called Midnight (#800), it is the one on the bottom in the picture and Plum This Show (#810) which is on the top. 

Both are beautiful colors and I must say that Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour is here to stay! I do not regret buying this at all, it does the job. It dries quick and instantly turns Matte. The best part about it is that it stays on all day! The only con about it is that it even when dried, you will still have lipstick stain on your cup of coffee or tea in the morning. However, when you check your lipstick after you’ve left a few stains, it’s not even noticeable on your lips. They will look the same as if you just applied it. Oh and did I mention it lasts all day? It really doesn’t budge. Here is a close up of my lips with the lipstick on and this was after spending the entire day out and about. 

Please excuse Mr. Pimple there. In the picture I actually mixed both colors and loved how it came out. Most likely I will continue to do this, the colors are equally as great individually. It does leave your lips a bit dry but as most of you know, apply chapstick (I use Vaseline) to your lips before applying your lipstick to help with the dryness. 

Overall I give this a 9/10. Remember I’m not a beauty guru but I would definitely recommend this product to others. 

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Hatred Love

Good morning and happy hump day! Hope everyone is having a good week so far. 
For those who don’t know, or haven’t noticed, I love to write (poetry specifically). Today I decided to write a poem focused on love and hate based on what it’s like today in society. I hope everyone enjoys it, I call it Hatred Love :

Times are different now, 

As a race we developed, progressed 

We wanted to be better, do better 

Within that process, we somehow got accustomed to hate 

It’s like we’re taking a step back, changing the date

We have so much anger in our hearts,

Forgetting that each one of us is a piece of art 

No one is superior, that’s something that needs to be engraved 

We have to remember, At the end of the day, we all need to be saved 

My pain may not equal to your pain, but it’s verified 

I’m sure we both had heartbreaking moments and cried..

Where are the days where love is what represented life 

Where no one was above, and it wasn’t a wildlife 

Where we saw the tears of one another 

Treated each other like we were sisters and brothers 

Now there’s nothing but fear..

Fear for my life and fear for my color

Now we’re standing here representing brawlers 

When did life become this way? 

Where our insecurities and downfalls are set up for everyone to see as a display 

And Hate is served along with the rest of the buffet 

We need to take a look back and 

Get back on track 

Where life equaled to love 

And the negativity was disposed of

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Planning Without A Groom

Good Morning my loves! 

It’s Hump Day! We oh so very close to Friday! I’m not sure about you but I’m super excited for the weekend. I honestly have nothing serious planned besides some house work but it’s just the feeling of having some down time that makes me happy. 

Well I know most of you don’t know but I recently got engaged to my now fiancé of 6 years (it was 5 years when he proposed) earlier this year, in April.

I was extremely happy and full of excitement until reality kicked in, this was something I would mostly have to do on my own. In most situations, the bride and groom plan the wedding together. In my situation it’s more of me planning this wedding because he is a sailor. Yes, yes, my fiancé is in the military (the navy) and is stationed miles away from where I currently am. He is often away and we go several months without speaking to each other.

Planning this wedding has built a different form of anxiety within me. I know they say planning a wedding is stressful but I feel like it’s more stressful when the Groom isn’t here due to his employment. I am however very grateful to have friends and family that have been great in every step of the way so far. I’m ahead of the game since the wedding a little over a year away. Whenever I get the chance to speak to my fiancé, I simply update him on all I’ve done with the wedding. I ask him questions of what he may want relating to the wedding and his opinions. 

It is already a struggle not having him around as often as I would like, but to not have him here to plan this wedding with me in a whole different ball park of struggle. I’ve been blessed with a great man and he always reassures me that we can do this and can have a great wedding even considering the circumstances. I’ve read many articles that say that it is easier to just get married in the court, which I can honestly say is true. Due to the unpredictable schedule of my fiancé, getting married by court seems ideal. However, we would still want that amazing wedding where everyone has a great time. It is possible to have a wedding with your significant other away from you and I’m here to share all about this wedding journey. The good, the bad, the crazy, and the annoyance. I’ve already booked the venue, DJ, and photographer so that’s a start, the details will be in the next Planning Without a Groom post. 

I suppose you can think of this as a series. Once a month I will post an updated post on this wedding planning journey with my military man. Everything else in between will be posts of not only body positivity, but everyday life topics. Catch me on Wednesday’s with a new post! Feel free to comment, like, share, and even suggest some topics you would like me to write about. 

Until then, Stay Beautiful ❤️

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Plus size body love = Obesity? 

Hello beautiful people! I know it’s been a while but I’m back to the blogging world. I know I need to keep it going. Today I just wanted to talk about how some people think that promoting self love to plus size people is promoting obesity. Well obviously, I don’t support that and I don’t believe that. 

Why is it okay to promote self love to smaller sized people with no problem but as soon as you tell a plus size person to love their body, apparently it’s a problem. Well for one, it’s two completely different topics in my eyes. Everyone, no matter the size, has the right to love themselves inside and out. It’s really no ones business when it comes to your body. 

Obesity is something completely different. I wouldn’t encourage someone extremely obese to continue to be unhealthy, however, I wouldn’t make them feel as if they are unworthy of loving themselves. Everyone is different, some people hate the way they look so much that they change. Then there are those who love themselves so much that they change. Sometimes taking the self love journey is the first step to changing their ways. 

There’s no need to be so brutal. There is a way to be completely honest but in a sensitive manner. It is those harsh, insensitive words that tear a person down and makes them feel less of who they are. We need to help uplift each other because there are many people just trying to bring others down. Love who you are and love the skin and body you are in.

So no, promoting self love does not promote being unhealthy and obese. If someone has a problem with your body, just refer them to this shirt : 

Because like I said, what you do to your body is really no one’s business. 

By the way, if you love this shirt and want this shirt, go to to order and you can follow them on instagram @uniquelyreal for future shirts.

The shirt comes in different colors and sizes. It’s also for men and women! You would be supporting a new business.

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Alive and Kicking

Man oh man. I know I fell of the face of the earth. My last post was months ago but to my defense I had way too much going on. I felt like I couldn’t handle it and blogging was the last thing on my mind, I couldn’t even think of what to write about or if anyone even really cared. But now I’m back! And hopefully it stays this way lol (it will). 

To be honest though, I’m thinking of changing up the blog. It will still be body positive dedicated to the thicker women in life but a splash of variety wouldn’t hurt, we’ll see. This won’t be a long post, it’s just a reminder post that I am in fact still alive and kicking. I’ll be posting soon, love you all. 

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Oh My Mascara!

I know, I know, I really need to get back on blogging and be consistent. But between trying to get my life together and having a life crisis for about the past two months, my mind has been gone. I think I’ll make my life crisis a post soon because I can’t be the only one to feel the way I do or have felt the way I do. That’s for another day, for today I wanted to talk about make up!! *swirls like a princess* haha. Okay but seriously, I’m not the biggest make up person, all I need is my eyebrows on point, mascara, and lipstick and I think I look great.
Today I actually wanted to do a review of this mascara I just bought. My cousin was selling some great name brand mascara and I needed more since I was running out of my younique fiber lash mascara (which is also amazing). There was one she had though from L’oreal that neither of us never even saw. I searched a review about it and apparently it’s great mascara, so I went for it. Then I actually tested it out myself and I was not disappointed.


(I’m sure make up guru’s have seen/used this before)

This mascara is great, the brush is bendable so it allows you to really reach in there to get the mascara. It also gives you some flexibility when applying it. It applied so nicely, and my lashes were beautiful.


(Sorry for the ugliness ^_^)

As you can see, I only applied it to one eye just so you guys can see. This is only two coats, so of course if you want a more dramatic look, you would have to apply more. I would have actually looked nice and dolled up my face to really show you guys but to be honest, I got lazy. The point is though this is great mascara, not too pricey and it’s worth it in my opinion, give it a try.


Sincerely, Myra Ray